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Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. - Rumi

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Sophia and Sinah have created something very special with the Kale & Cake. It is not only a very nice yoga studio, but much more a community of people who want to work on themselves and make the world a better place. There is a wide range of different courses and workshops and all coaches are very experienced in their field. What they all have in common is an undogmatic approach with an awareness of the healthy middle way, somewhere between kale and cake.

In the first few weeks, when everyone was still looking for stubbornness, the regular yoga sessions with Kale & Cake were great and the offer was huge at any time and even afterwards! Even now they are the perfect balance to the endurance sports I do outside. Even though I like going to yoga studios, it is currently a mega offer, so I don't have to do without the girls from Kale & Cake. Sinah I can listen blindly, the asanas are well explained, even for beginners and come down optimally and give my body and mind an hour of focus, power and new challenges. Love it ❤️

The kale & cake is my absolute favourite studio. You always feel very welcome and the atmosphere in the studio is very open and personal. There are classes for all levels of yoga, which is great for beginners and advanced yoga students. The yoga styles of Sinah and Sophia and the kale & cake yoga teachers are all special and there is something for everyone.