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6 MONTH JOURNEY - Kale & Cake

6 Month Journey

Deeply (re)connect to yourself

What is the Journey ?


Do you feel like you want to deepen and learn more about yoga, exercise, and healthy habits?

Do you ever drown in all the different info for personal growth, books to read, podcast to listen to, and what to get into the habit of now?

In this "6 Month Journey" we accompany you with monthly topics, selected input and support you to dive deeper and connect with you. Individually and together.

The aim is to pick up people in general who want to go deeper, who are not only looking for a simple solution to complex questions, but who are inquisitive and want to develop themselves.

We want to accompany you and the people in our Tribe, the community around Kale&Cake, support you in your development and offer a safe space.

What does the Journey involve?

unlimited stream and video library -> guarantee 2 live streams daily (except 12/21-7/1) and 50 different videos per month in the video library.

90 min classes included

Yoga/workout quickies in the video library for in between (coming in May).

Thematic monthly accompaniment -> plus detailed PDF with inspiration, information and knowledge filtered on the topic for you from podcasts, yoga philosophy, books, exercises and much more. With journal questions, tasks and healthy habits for you.

Exclusive live meditation and deep dive with Q&A with Sinah or Sophiaevery 3 months.

Advantages of the Journey

● Accompanied, but individually

● selected content from podcast, magazine, music, yoga, training, books and much more.

● a unique community for support and exchange

Choose your own pace and intensity

● Available everywhere (vacation, at home, outside)

Sinah's "Self Care Journal" is perfect for support. You can find it here

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