Kale&Cake GmbH
Represented by: Sinah Diepold, Sophia Torah
Wagmüllerstrasse 21
80538 Munich

Email: info@kaleandcake.de

1. registration

Registration must be made in writing by e-mail, Eversports, registration form or by letter. The registration is binding.

2. conclusion of contract

Registration for our courses, events or workshops can only be paid online. You are only entitled to participate in the courses after payment of the full invoice amount. The rates stated in the price list apply with the respective period of validity.

3. monthly passes and points cards

Monthly tickets and point cards are valid for all open courses, except workshops and specials. Paid tickets expire after the expiry date, no refunds are possible. The card is only valid for one person and is not transferable to another person.

4. cancellation / rebooking for courses and workshops

A cancellation or rebooking must be made in writing. The following regulation applies:

Cancellation up to 60 days before the start of the event 25% of the event price

from 59 to 30 days before the start of the event 50% of the event price

from the 29th day until the 7th day before the event 75% of the event price

From 7 days before the start of the event is no cancellation and also no rebooking for workshops and no cancellation but a rebooking for courses possible. In case of no-show, the course fee is due in full. These regulations apply regardless of the reason for cancellation and also if a medical certificate is presented. Rebookings can be made without a fee. A rebooking only exists if the new date of participation is fixed at the same time as the rebooking request, otherwise it is a cancellation.

Kale&Cake GmbH reserves the right to apply deviating cancellation conditions for individual events, etc. Should different cancellation conditions apply, the participant will be informed of this in writing.

5. disease

In case of illness the card can be extended. A written request for renewal must be submitted and a medical certificate must be enclosed. The application should be made after an absence of 10 days. Applications after an absence of 60 days cannot be made.

6. change of the course offer / respectively the opening hours

We reserve the right to change our course offer / our opening hours as well as teachers / speakers in a reasonable manner. If the number of participants is too low, we reserve the right to cancel the course without replacement. Claims resulting from changes in the course offer are excluded, the terms of payment remain unaffected. The Kale&Cake GmbH is entitled to close within each year for reconstruction work or similar organizational reasons of up to 2 weeks as well as for company holidays of up to 3 weeks, which will be announced in good time by notice. Claims for reasons of the above-mentioned closure are excluded, the terms of payment remain unaffected. The period of validity of the monthly tickets and points cards is extended by the period of closure if the offer cannot be replaced by online courses.

7. discounts / promotions

Promotional offers are limited to the period of time indicated. Promotional vouchers can only be accepted if the original is submitted. Discounts from promotional offers cannot be added together, i.e. only one discount or reduction can be claimed for each booking.

8. liability

Participation in lessons is at your own risk. The prerequisite for participation is general health. In case of special problems, such as physical infirmity, previous operations, problems during pregnancy, please discuss your intention to participate with your doctor beforehand. Any liability on our part for personal injury, damage to property and financial loss is excluded. We are liable for the proper functioning of the furnishings we provide. However, we are not liable for any damage to health that course participants may suffer as a result of participating in the courses offered, nor for any accidents that may occur through our own fault. We assume no liability for any material or valuable objects brought along.

9. copyright

It is pointed out that the copyright of all publications lies with Kale&Cake GmbH and their further use of any kind, in particular reproduction or disclosure to third parties is prohibited or requires the express written permission of the owners of Kale&Cake GmbH. Violations will be punished in each individual case with a penalty of 5,000.00 Euro. Further claims for damages are not affected by this. By signing the registration form, the course participants give their consent that photographs or films taken during the courses may be used in audiovisual or print media without remuneration and without any time or space restrictions. The participants do not acquire any rights to the use of intellectual property rights, course names or advertising material for the respective course.

10. severability clause

If individual parts of the terms and conditions are invalid, the validity of the remaining parts is not affected. In this case, the parties acknowledge the valid provision that comes closest to the regulatory intention of the invalid component in terms of content.

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