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We love to educate and train ourselves. Always learning new things about body, mind and soul that make us grow personally and as teachers. Of course we also want to share this passion with our Tribe. We have invited great teachers and put together trainings in many different areas.

200h Liquid Flow Intensive

Yoga Teacher Training

with Simon Park, Sinah Diepold & Sophia Thora

in 3 weeks - from 18. July - 8. August 2021 at the Chiemsee

Join Kale&Cake for the first intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training with Simon Park, Sinah Diepold and Sophia Thora.

200h Liquid Flow 2021/2022

Yoga Teacher Training

with Simon Park, Sinah Diepold & Sophia Thora

 in 5 modules from September 2021 to March 2022

Be part of the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training from Kale&Cake with Simon Park, Sinah Diepold, Sophia Thora and special guests

100h Yoga therapy 2021

Yoga Teacher Training

 with Susan Michel

In four modules from February to June 2021

already started

Suitable for yoga teachers and interested practitioners

200h Liquid Flow 2021

Yoga Teacher Training with

Simon Park, Sinah Diepold & Sophia Thora.

In five modules from January to May 2021

already started

Be part of the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training from Kale&Cake with Simon Park, Sinah Diepold, Sophia Thora and special guests

Functional Ballet Barre

teacher training with Sinah

new dates to follow

Get to know the Functional Ballet Barre training system for groups in dance, ballet or fitness studios and clubs.


Yoga Beginner Course


Anyone can do yoga! But how do I even get started? It's wonderful that there is such a rich offer of yoga videos, studios and recently also live streams. But the first step is not so easy.

That's why we have designed and included a 12-part yoga beginner course for you.

You can already buy the course as a voucher at our timetable on the homepage for 65€. From the date of purchase, the Beginner Course can be used for 12 months.




For us, coaching and yoga go hand in hand. Both systems give us support in how to master our lives successfully and find more satisfaction and health. Therefore, we integrate coaching aspects and coaching sessions in many of our workshops and retreats.


The individual coaching takes place with Sophia.

The goal of my coaching is to offer you individual support and help where you need it.

I support you

  • to find more clarity and orientation in your life
    to reach your goals
  • to cope with stressful life situations
  • to find more satisfaction and happiness

My approach is shaped by four principles

1. you have everything you need in you. Every person already has all the resources within him to create the life he wants. Our task is to find out together where your resources are and to activate them.

2. Make the unconscious conscious. We will uncover and dissolve unconscious emotions, mechanisms and beliefs and transform them into meaningful strategies that serve your goals and desires.

3. take responsibility. You are the master of your thoughts, feelings and reactions. Through my coaching, you will learn not to make them dependent on external or internal triggers. You will learn to determine yourself what you want to think, how you want to feel and how you want to react.

Fourth embodiment. Our system consists of our body, our mind and our soul. In coaching, we integrate all three levels in order to facilitate a sustainable change.

Typical procedure

In the first session there will be a 50-minute anamnesis. On the one hand to get to know each other and on the other hand to clarify your concerns and your goals. A trusting atmosphere in coaching sessions is very important to me. Therefore you can decide after this conversation if you feel comfortable with me and if you want to work on your issues with me. Likewise, I can decide whether I can help you with your concerns. If so, I will then create an individual coaching plan to best implement your concerns and goals.

For more information, visit For coaching inquiries or special requests, feel free to email us at

Offers for companies

Corporate Yoga - Corporate Fitness - Stress Management and Mindfulness - Sustainability

Healthy, balanced and productive employees are indispensable for a long-term successful company. We support your company in offering balancing activities to the daily work routine in a modern and adapted way for all levels.

Our range of services for the physical and mental well-being of your employees
  • Yoga
  • Functional training (with small equipment or your own body weight)
  • Fascia and Mobility Training
  • Stress management and mindfulness training
The time frame of our cooperation depends on your individual wishes
  • 60 min company course from 120€ incl. VAT (depending on package, journey, location, teacher)
  • Regular hours in the company by the K&C team
  • Exclusive hour in the premises of K&C for employees
  • Employees are included in ongoing study program

Adapted to the needs of your company, we can provide you with an individual offer. Please send us your request by e-mail to

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