BecomingYOU Coaching Journey with Sophia

Find out how you can adapt your life to you, instead of always adapting you to your life.

This is exactly what this Online Coaching Journey will accompany you on. Join me on a journey into your present, past & future to find out how you can shape your life to fit you, your desires, needs & dreams.

8 Week Online Coaching Journey with Sophia
Optional with live group coaching & personal support
Holistic approach of coaching, yoga & meditations

I am looking forward to this journey with you,
Yours, Sophia

What is the BecomingYOU Coaching Journey?

BecomingYOU Coaching Journey

Can be used at any time and over and over again

Designed to accompany you for 8 weeks with matching workbook

20 videos with coaching, yoga, meditation from theory and practice

With personal accompaniment by Sophia Thora

BecomingYOU Workbook

With the workbook you can design your journey individually and adapted to you.

There you will find all the contents of the course for review as well as exercises & instructions on the various Journey topics.

The workbook will be sent to you individually by email after purchase (on 25.07.2022 at the earliest). Since it is done manually, the email will be delayed. You can also start without the workbook.

Info about the Journey

Do you know this feeling that your life is actually very good, but still the shoe pinches somewhere and something doesn't fit?
This is usually because others or we ourselves have expectations of us that don't fit. Fulfilling these expectations can be quite exhausting. The good news is that you can let go of these expectations and start to adapt your life to what you really need and want.

The BecomingYOU Coaching Journey accompanies you in adapting your life more to you, your needs and desires, rather than to your life. It helps you to find out what really suits you, why you are not living these things yet and how you can change that.

Personally, I have experienced that it feels really good when my life suits me and I don't have to constantly adapt - to my own ideas and those of others. But I have also experienced that it is a challenge to really do that. It is not easy to perceive what we want and need, to break through our patterns and thought loops and to design our life in such a way that it suits us. This is exactly what this Journey is meant to support you with. I have aligned the Journey with my coaching concept, which has successfully accompanied me in my work as a coach over the last 6 years, and I am giving you my knowledge on this topic, which I have gathered over the last 15 years in my own personal development, in condensed form.

How do you use the Journey?

The BecomingYOU Coaching Journey is designed to accompany you in 8 weeks with coaching, yoga and meditations. It is divided into 4 different thematic blocks, each with 2 weeks to complete. For each thematic block you will receive a coaching video that is approx. 30-60 minutes long, supplemented by 2-5 videos with yoga, meditations and various exercises that support you on your path and allow you to customise the course.

You can expect a weekly processing time of approx. 2-3 hours.

The videos are complemented by a comprehensive workbook. Here you can read about the content of the videos, you will find the various tasks corresponding to the thematic blocks with examples that you can use as a guide, as well as further information and inspiration.

You can complete the Journey wonderfully on your own. The videos and the workbook will guide you safely through the journey to yourself. If you prefer to be supported by me, you have the option to choose the guided version, where there will be 5 online group coaching sessions with me, where I will give you impulses on the different topics and answer your questions.

Dates for the accompanied version

Our BecomingYOU evening always takes place on Monday evenings from 18.30-19.45: 25.07. / 08.08. / 22.08. / 05.09. / 19.09.2022

What do you need for the Journey?

  • Laptop, tablet or other online medium
  • Your workbook and a notebook for you
  • Pin
  • Yoga mat
  • Meditation cushion or a blanket for sitting in an elevated position

What do you think of the Journey?

Here you can select the product "BecomingYOU Coaching Journey" by clicking on "Go to booking" and activate one video after the other in your Eversports profile. The videos will be available from 25.07.2022. You will then find them stored in your profile under "My Videos" for one year and can use them indefinitely.
It is also described in detail in the workbook.

If you know exactly what you want, you can find the Journey accompanied by me here & the Journey unaccompaniedhere.

I am so happy to be able to take you on this very personal journey. Thank you for your trust, thank you for your time and your dedication.

Your Sophia

If you have any questions, please contact info@kaleandcake.de and we from the K&C team will try to help and support you.

Want to get a taste of the Journey?

On 13.07. you can take part in the BecomingYOU - Free Class via Zoom to get a feeling for whether the BecomingYou Journey is what you are missing to finally live your dreams! Sign up here.

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