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With our BodyMindTherapy approach at Kale&Cake, we start from the premise that body, mind and spirit are inextricably linked. If we want to change something in our lives successfully and sustainably, we need to take all three pillars with us on this journey. While in our Yoga & Barre classes we focus primarily on the body-mind connection, in our coaching sessions the focus is on the mind-spirit connection.


You long for

  • More balance, calm and serenity
  • More trust in yourself and your path
  • Clarity about your goals and help with the concrete implementation of these goals
  • Support or advice in a specific area of your life such as a job or relationship
  • Help with a desired change that you have not yet had success with on your own.
  • Orientation in your life and help in finding out "where the shoe pinches" and initiating positive changes in your life.


Coaching and yoga are Sophia's great love and passion. She studied psychology and attended various further training courses in the areas of NLP, stress management therapy, systemic coaching and Buddhist psychology. For Sophia, yoga and coaching together - and each on their own - are wonderful tools to activate your own resources, to create your own life the way it suits you and the way you want it to be, to align yourself with your own centre every day. Sophia is looking forward to accompanying you on your way to a balanced and self-determined life. You can find more about Sophia here


Our coaching concept is divided into 3 phases and follows 4 underlying principles

The 3 phases of coaching

Step 1: Your present
In the first step, you will look together with Sophia at where exactly your shoe pinches, what your wishes, expectations & goals are. Based on this, you will first shed light on your situation in the present. Sophia will provide you with strategies that allow you to "stabilise" your present, to relax in the here and now and to have a tool that can support you in acute stress and pressure situations. This first step is important to be able to go into the next two phases with a clear view.

Step 2: Your past
In the second step you will look together with Sophia at which events and strategies you have learned in your past influence your present. Based on this you will dissolve strategies that limit and block you and at the same time strengthen your natural resources.

Step 3: Your future
After you have relaxed your present and dissolved blockages from the past, you can dedicate yourself to your future together with Sophias. With the help of effective strategies, you will find out together how you can shape your life in such a way that it fits your individual personality and your wishes.

The 4 principles of coaching

1. you are perfect.
Every human being already carries all the resources they need to create the life they want.

2. make the unconscious conscious.
We will dissolve unconscious blockages and transform them into meaningful strategies. At the same time we will make unconscious values and resources conscious so that you can use them and come into your power.

3. embodiment
Through yoga and meditation we bring the desired change from the cognitive level to the deeper layers of our consciousness.

4. take responsibility - it all starts with you.
True change comes from within - even if it sometimes feels different. Together we develop strategies that defuse your triggers on the outside and support you in determining what you want to think, how you want to feel and how you want to react.


Your journey begins with a 20-minute anamnesis with Sophia. On the one hand, to get to know each other and on the other hand, to clarify your concerns and goals. A trusting atmosphere in coaching sessions is very important to us. Therefore, after this conversation you can decide whether you feel comfortable with your coach and would like to work on your issues with her, and she will decide whether she can help you with your concerns. If so, Sophia will create an individual coaching plan based on the first session in order to put your concerns and goals into practice in the best possible way.


1:1 Coaching with Sophia 

Initial consultation: Free of charge

Costs: on request at info@kaleandcake.de

Location: online or on site at Wagmüllerstr. 21

Online Coaching Journey with Sophia Thora

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