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Dive into Silence Yoga Retreat | August 2021 in Portugal | Kale & Cake

Dive into Silence Yoga Retreat | August 2021 in Portugal

The Dive into Silence Yoga Retreat with Sinah stands for inner peace and balance. Sinah invites you to immerse yourself in silence, retreat and healing together and to completely relax. Perfect to give your overstressed nervous system a time out. At the magical Conscious Farm in Portugal, you'll have the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and completely indulge your body's needs. Four Trees combines peace, relaxation and minimalism with fantastic food. Surrounded by nature and sunshine, you can simply let your soul dangle here.

A different kind of luxury. Sunrises, chirping crickets, fresh pomegranates from the tree, and a refreshing pool await you. On the beautiful farm, surrounded by cork trees and sprawling fields, you'll also have the opportunity to take walks with wild horses, learn to juggle and/or test your balance on the slackline. Four Trees offers you the chance to try out new things and learn things that have been neglected in your everyday life. In addition, every morning you get oven-fresh delicious bread, as well as a varied selection of homemade food. And - every evening the most beautiful, most intense starry sky in the world awaits you. 

Besides 2 daily sessions of yoga, meditation, pranayama and coaching, you can expect sunrises, fresh home-cooked food, walks through unique nature, juggling, slacklining, a refreshing pool and a breathtaking starry sky. The whole retreat is built on the 4 pillars: deceleration, nature, movement and community.

All details about the Dive into Silence Yoga Retreat with Sinah

Time & Place

29 August - 4 September 2021

At the Four Trees Portugal

Yoga Retreat Prize

Early bird: 849€ (until 1 March)

Normal price: 899€

Services of the Yoga Retreat at a glance

  • 6 nights in double room, sleeping cabin or tent
  • 10 sessions with Sinah in the fields of yoga, meditation, pranayama and coaching
  • 2 times daily food, homemade and fresh
  • Transfer from / to Ourique or Funcheira
  • Shampoo, toothpaste, towel, shower gel

Good to Know:

  • 1 hour of "doing nothing" per day
  • vegetarian food
  • deliberately non-alcoholic

Registration for the retreat with Sinah



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