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Tips for more energy and balance in life

More energy and balance in life. Who does not wish for that? Energy is the fuel of our life. When we are full of energy, we have more motivation, better mood, stronger nerves and feel more up to the challenges of our lives. Maybe you have already had this experience: The same situation leaves you cold when you are rested and makes you explode when you are exhausted.

So we need sufficient energy to master our life successfully and to feel balanced.

Unfortunately, energy is not an infinite resource. The faster and more stressful our life becomes and the older we get, the less energy is available to us. Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to keep the level of our energy high and provide balance in our lives. This is exactly what this article is about.


The different factors influencing the level of our energy

The level of our energy is influenced by several factors:

From our thoughts and feelings, from our behaviour and our environment.

You are one of those people who have a lot of energy? Then the probability is high that many of these factors mentioned already fit your personality and your being. You belong to those people who constantly feel overstrained and tired? Then it could be that too many of these factors do not fit you and thus rob you of your energy.

So your goal is to find out what is robbing you of energy and giving you energy to align your life so that it fits your personality and your being.


How you figure out what's draining your energy


Tips for more energy and balance in life

You can find your energy thieves by finding out exactly when you feel tired and drained.


How do you know if a situation, activity, person or thought is taking energy from you? One way is to find out exactly how you feel in the respective situation, activity, person or thought. On the other hand, by tracing how you feel afterwards. Often we do not perceive our energy takers in the situation itself, but only behind it, as such.

Behaviours that can rob you of your energy:

  • Always eat too much at lunch
  • say "yes" when you mean "no"
  • Staying in noisy places, although you need peace and quiet and vice versa
  • Too much of one thing (too much work, eating too much chocolate, doing too much sports, hanging around on the couch too much)

I am for example a person who needs a lot of silence and rest. But at the same time I love to be present at everything. This has led to the fact that I was constantly in loud situations with a lot of people who robbed me of all my energy. In the beginning I thought I was a bit strange. Because nobody seemed to care about these situations except me.

When I found out that this was simply due to my personality and my nature, it was a great relief.

Today I consciously allow myself to avoid these situations or at least not to exaggerate with them.

thought patterns that can rob you of your energy:

  • brooding and inner resistance to things you cannot change
  • Negative beliefs (e.g. "work must be hard", "I am not good enough")
  • Link your own value as a human being to your performance (e.g. at work or in sports)
  • Making other people's problems your own

As children we learn that our environment reacts positively to us if we are good or do great things. If we do not listen or perform badly, we are scolded or experience rejection. The conclusion that our value as humans is linked to being good, doing great things and performing well is therefore very obvious.

The insight that our value as human beings is inviolable is not an easy one, as it is only very rarely demonstrated to us.

But if we practice accepting ourselves (and others) as we are, we can save a lot of energy and use it to create more balance in our lives.


How you find out what gives you energy


Tips for more energy and balance in life

You can find out your energy givers by paying attention to what you really enjoy and when you get into a "flow".


Just as important as continuing to eliminate or consciously control your energy thieves is finding out what gives you energy. How you can regenerate, refuel, get stronger and thus bring more balance and energy into your life.

You can also pay attention to your feeling here. When do you experience the feeling of lightness and joy, during which activities do you get into a "flow" and when do you feel full of energy afterwards?

Behaviours that could give you energy

  • The classics: regular exercise, fresh air, healthy nutrition
  • Activities where you can switch off and get into a "flow" state
  • Everything you enjoy
  • Challenges that give you pleasure and that you can master
  • Self care and time for you

The older we get, the more serious our lives become. More responsibility, more work and more obligations can put considerable pressure on us, which robs us of energy.

Letting go of all that and taking the time to do things without a compelling productive purpose can balance things out here.

Fun and joy are two of the most powerful energy sources there are.

Thought patterns that can give you energy

  • Loving thoughts
  • Positive beliefs
  • Accepting that you are you and other people are different
  • Not taking things personally
  • Giving you permission to do what you need for (rest, separation, community, being crazy, being different)
  • Listen to your intuition (even if your head says something different)
  • Self Acceptance

Have you ever observed yourself talking to yourself? Are your words friendly? Do you tell yourself that you are great and beautiful? Or do you speak in a harsh tone and nag yourself?

The more loving your words are and the less you fight against yourself, the more your energy can come into the flow and yourself into your balance.

On this topic there are amazing experiments with water crystals. Water, which is discussed with loving words, forms beautiful, symmetrical crystals. Water that is discussed with negative words forms angular, pointed, ugly crystals. We consist of 80% water and can assume that the words in our thoughts have a significant influence on all levels.


How you can put the knowledge about your energy givers and robbers into practice


Integrate your energy takers and eliminate your energy thieves in small steps with much patience for yourself and the process you are in.

How to integrate your energy sources

The first step to integrate the knowledge about your energy givers and robbers into your everyday life is to create conscious space for your energy givers.

In general, we usually find it easier to add or do something than to let go or stop doing it. Especially when it comes to routines.

Every beginning is known to be difficult. So start by giving space to what is good for you. For example, by consciously making appointments with yourself. Even if it's just time alone at home on the couch. If it does you good, this activity is just as important - or even more important - as any other appointment on your calendar.

What happens when you take it upon yourself to integrate but never manage to integrate the things that give you energy?

Routines and thought patterns are persistent and it is often difficult to make room for new things. If you keep falling into your old patterns, be patient with yourself. Observe consciously what happens and try to find out what you could do to move forward in small steps.

This is how you dissolve your energy thieves

In the second step you can then consciously take responsibility for your energy thieves. Even if it often feels different, we are responsible for at least 80% of our shackles ourselves. This means that we are also able to throw off these shackles. Here too, we have to be patient, because the longer you wear your shackles, the tighter they are.

Once you have a clear idea of what your energy thieves look like, you can slowly start making small changes.

Don't say "yes" every time but say "no" every now and then. Dating people who drain your energy is reducing your energy. Not resorting to unhealthy food every night and slowly establishing a healthier routine.

Changing bad habits is very difficult and you will certainly experience a setback or two.

In this case there is a secret weapon to prevent these setbacks from becoming new energy thieves. This secret weapon is self-acceptance.

The exercise for this is very simple. You say the following mantra aloud or in your head until you feel better:

"Even though( you use something that describes your setback or a property/thing that creates resistance...) I love and accept myself as I am".

For example: "Even if I have already said "yes" to my boss again, instead of standing up for me, I love and accept myself as I am".

Life costs energy. That's the way it is and that's good. If you know what gives you energy and what takes it away, you can manage your energy in a meaningful way and bring more balance into your life.

In conclusion, I would like to give you the idea that these exercises should be something supportive and positive.

Its purpose is not to optimize yourself, but to support you in bringing more balance and well-being into your life.

There are no mistakes here. So you can just try them out if you feel like it and find out with curiosity what works for you.

There is also a podcast episode to this article in our Kale&Cake Podcast. If you haven't listened to it yet, you can find it here.


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