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"Free Yourself" - Coaching&Embodiment Workshop with Pia Baur |

"Free Yourself" - Coaching&Embodiment Workshop with Pia Baur

"Free Yourself" - Coaching&Embodiment Workshop with Pia Baur

Who does not know that - to yourself you are often the harshest critic. At the same time, it is often difficult to be loving with yourself, let alone to love yourself. What keeps us from doing so? The "Free Yourself" - Coaching&Embodiment Workshop with Pia Baur helps you to find out what keeps you from coming into self-love and gives you tools that enable you to create space to invite more self-love into your life. 


"Free Yourself" - Coaching&Embodiment Workshop - Let go and create space for your self-love.


Can you freely and openly say: I love myself? Or: I accept myself as I am? Self-love and self-acceptance means building a benevolent, accepting relationship with yourself. However, most of us are not able to do this. Even saying these two sentences is difficult for many of us. What keeps us from doing so?

There are many reasons, including wanting to fit in too much with others, being too perfectionistic, and seeing many things as "musts" instead of feeling joy in what you do. The causes are usually negativity and fear. Do you find yourself here? Why do we find it so difficult to love ourselves at our core and to build a compassionate relationship with ourselves?

Following Pia gives a simple answer, which however loses simplicity in the implementation, because everything lies in the subconscious and we have to get to it first.

The words we say to ourselves every day shape our thoughts. Thoughts become our feelings and thus become habitual - whether positive or negative. This shapes your life into self-love or self-criticism, because we think 80% of all thoughts the same every day. You decide which thoughts should shape your life!

Dive into your inner self to create a space for yourself where you can let yourself fall.


But how can we break the cycle of negative thoughts that usually pop into our heads faster than their positive counterparts? If you get clarity about your beliefs in the subconscious and change your thoughts in feeling. This is where yoga and embodiment practice can help you. Because through the connection of movement and breath, the immersion in your physical being, you can let go of the mind and arrive at feeling.

In the "Free Yourself" - Coaching&Embodiment Workshop with Pia Baur you spend valuable time with yourself and get to know your inner self (again). This connection to your deepest inner self enables you to open the path to self-love and create a space in which you can acknowledge yourself full of love and acceptance.

For the workshop you will need: Your quiet feel-good space, yoga mat, candle, feel-good scent, something to write with. A blanket and one/two pillows.


"Free Yourself" with Pia Baur


Pia Baur is a systemic life and business coach, mindfulness and meditation leader and yoga teacher/lecturer. She is also a podcaster and author. With her holistic mind, body and soul approach she supports you to live a healthy and content life in power, fulfillment as well as confidence. By strengthening your self-awareness, your consciousness and your self-efficacy you learn to unfold your potential as well as to love and acknowledge yourself in your wonderful way of being. The biggest aha moment for Pia in her search for herself was to discover this powerful connection between mind, body and soul. Because, in the connection with the body, it was possible for her to go deeper into healing, in order to find her essence.

More information about Pia, her trainings and coachings for potential development, resilience, communication, mindfulness and movement can be found on her website, which you can access here.


"Free Yourself" - Coaching&Embodiment Workshop



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When: Saturday 01 May 2021, 10.30 - 13.15, Online via Zoom


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