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Kale&Cake stands for the path of the middle: sometimes being healthy and organized, sometimes unhealthy and easy. Ultimately it's all about finding the right balance in life and that's exactly what we represent in the K&C Tribe. We want to support you in finding your balance, somewhere between the extremes, where everything is allowed and nothing has to be. We want to create a space for a conscious life and conscious movement, where you feel comfortable, where we can learn with and from each other. A space that not only exists outside, but also grows inside you and accompanies you on your very own path.
We call our studio and company BodyMindTherapy because we do not want to improve or optimize you. We believe, based on the yoga philosophy, that you are already perfect and that we want to help you and open you up to recognize and experience this in different ways.
Our vision with BodyMindTherapy is to create balanced people to help the world find back to its original balance.


All information about our Kale & Cake team.

Boss Babes

Sinah Diepold

B. Sc. Sports Science / Dipl. Dance Pedagogy
Ballet Barre Guide / Yoga Teacher
Author / Podcaster
Founder of K&C

Yoga is a wonderful compass for living in balance with yourself, your fellow man and the environment."
For me, my love for yoga came very unexpectedly and in a roundabout way, and has since quickly become a philosophy in all aspects of my life. Sinah's yoga style is very fluid, inspired by her dance background, follows the waves of the breath and invites you to trust your own intuition again and reawaken the intelligence of your own body. I am a native of Munich and have been passionate about teaching since I was 15 years old with lots of positive energy and guiding you through any flow, no matter how strenuous, with a smile. During my studies in "Scientific Foundations of Sports" I additionally decided to realize my dream of a professional dance education. I completed dance training in contemporary dance at Iwanson International and subsequently spent over half a year in New York, where I interned and practiced dance and yoga at various studios. In 2015, a broken heart brought me to Bali for my first YTT, where a great love for yoga was unexpectedly ignited. Since then, I've been trying to share this love for yoga in a free, applicable and joyful way that challenges the body and mind from habitual patterns and inspires a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In addition to teaching yoga, I work as a model in the sports industry, advocate for environmentalism and self-love on social media, and support social organizations and foundations such as Earth Child Project in South Africa and TuaRes in Burkina Faso, where I was able to travel for a summer camp in 2019.

Sophia Torah

B. Sc. Psychology / Psychological Counsellor
Yoga teacher
Mental Coach
Founder of Kale&Cake

I come from beautiful Munich and love to dance around on my mat for hours or singing through my apartment just as much as I love to cuddle up on the couch in the evening or just sit there and look at nature. As a kid, my heart burned for dancing and singing. In doing so, I always had that beautiful feeling that comes when body and mind are in harmony. As a young adult, I began to wonder what I, and people in general, needed to feel healthy and happy. I knew the state of "oneness" and "happiness" from my childhood, so I decided to go in search of it. This search led to his psychology degree and various advanced trainings in stress management and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I then went to India to train as a yoga teacher, which was the beginning of a long journey towards yoga and my work as a yoga teacher, mental coach and founder of Kale&Cake. My passion is to seek out ways to live a happy, balanced, healthy life and to pass on what excites me to others. Along the way, I am constantly exploring new approaches and continuing my education because I believe that the best teacher is the one who never stops being a student. I am happy about every individual with whom I can share my experiences and whom I can support in finding their balance and happiness.

tribe teacher

Anja Marinkovic

Vinyasa / FT & Ballet Barre

You need Anja, if you want to feel yourself again properly and it may also be challenging. This is where spirituality meets science.

I came to yoga in 2012 during my training as a dancer. I had to stop the dance training due to a heart defect - but yoga stayed with me. In 2017 I completed my YTT with a focus on yoga therapy and at the same time my studies in sports science, which was followed by numerous further education courses in yoga and training. With me, whether in yoga or functional training, you can expect an hour that allows you to feel the breath dynamically and flowing, and so mind and body find each other.

Fridays, 5.00pm FT & Ballet Barre - ONLINE
Fridays, 6.00pm Heart Yoga Flow - IN THE STUDIO

IG @anja__marinkovic

Benedetta Chiumenti

Vinyasa / Hatha / Ashtanga / Yin Yoga

Bene stands for creativity and Italian cordiality.

I am a RYT 600 multi-style yoga teacher and forever student from Italy. I went to my first yoga class in Shanghai in 2010 as a way to de-stress from my busy work and never looked back. In my class expect creative sequences, clear instructions, strong focus on alignment, to break a sweat... and a laugh.

Wednesdays, 7.15 h Yoga Flow I - ONLINE
Mondays, 19.15 h Yoga Flow - IN THE STUDIO

IG: @yogandbites

Jodie Roberts

Vinyasa / Ashtanga / Yin Yoga

Jodie offers the best of both worlds - playful & powerful flows and a relaxing & calming Yin class.

After more than 10 years in Thailand, Australia and Bali, I have settled in Munich in 2017 and have been teaching yoga full-time in studios, company offices, online and at festivals and events since then. My philosophy is simple - life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. All classes are taught with clear instructions, positive affirmations, intelligent sequences, and love.

Tuesdays, 19 h Yin Yoga - ONLINE
Thursdays, 7.30 h Morning Power Flow II - ONLINE

IG: @flowithjodie

Samira Ammann

Female Movement / Ballet Barre

Samira is just right for you if you want to bring more sensuality, passion & joie de vivre into your practice & you want to unfold & feel your feminine energy.

What fascinates me are people and their stories. Even as a child I was not interested in superficialities and small talk, but in the deep: why you are the way you are and why you are the way you are. That's why I love to offer you a space in my classes where you can just be who you are & who you want to be! Because you also give me the chance to do what I love most & what makes me happy: to find back to my origin & trust in my own body through rhythmic movements from dance, fitness & special exercises with the focus on our female curves, (our centre hips, waist, belly, legs & butt). And it is exactly this feeling of self-love that I can gain for myself through this that I would like to pass on to you in my classes.

Wednesdays, 7.15pm FT & Ballet Barre - IN THE STUDIO
Thursdays, 6.00pm Female Movement - IN THE STUDIO
Saturdays, 9.00am FT & Ballet Barre - ONLINE

IG: @samiramoana

Mary John

FT & Ballet Barre

Maria is just the right person for you if you want a challenging lesson that is an absolute joy.

I am 28 years old, have a bachelor's degree in photography and am currently training as a physiotherapist. I love working with people, helping them through my work and moving with them. I have been doing ballet barre and yoga since I met Sinah (5 years) and that's a great combination for me, but I also try other sports to stay on the ball everywhere I go for my training 😉

Wednesdays, 6 pm FT & Ballet Barre

IG: @mmaar_riiaa

Nina Endesfelder

Vinyasa / Trauma Sensitive Yoga

In Nina's classes you will find your strength and peace. Let yourself be infected by her warmth and enjoy the grounding that comes from her yoga classes.

Nina always welcomes you into her classes with an open heart. If you are looking for a retreat in your yoga class where you can forget the stress of everyday life for a moment, Nina is the right place for you. Nina is not only a fantastic yoga teacher, but also radiates an incredible calmness through her work as a social pedagogue and German teacher, which brings a pleasant lightness to her flows despite the challenging asanas. 

Thursdays, 6.00pm, Yoga Basics Flow - ONLINE
Saturdays, 9.00 am, Flow & Unwind - IN THE STUDIO

IG: @netual

Christine Rose

Vinyasa / Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidra

Christine loves to unite opposites and offers you the perfect fusion of intense and at the same time graceful movements.

In Christine's classes, depth meets lightness. You practice classic asanas, modern interpretations and sometimes simply freestyle. She transforms the individual elements into smooth sequences and creative slow flows, weaving in inspiration from dance and fitness. You flow slowly and consciously, yet challengingly. You learn technical finesse and receive clear guidance - with the right spark of lightness and fun. 

In Savasana at the latest, her warm voice captures you completely, allowing you to sink back into your body and feel. Dive deep, perceive intensely with all your senses and leave the class inspired and with more glow.

Saturdays, 10.00 a.m., Weekend Flow - ONLINE

IG: @___christinerose___

Vanessa Gorklo


Vanessa's class is just right for you if you are looking for a quieter, balancing class that will ground you & bring you back to you.

Yoga came into my life as a little balance to stressful phases and luckily I can't imagine life without it 🙂 In 2018 I met Sinah & Sophia and joined the Tribe as an enthusiastic Kale & Cake student. At the first Kale & Cake YTT I actually just wanted to dive deeper into the world of yoga, but then the enthusiasm to teach myself grabbed me 🙂 

I love to share my passion for yoga & inspire anyone who has a desire to move & connect more with & learn about themselves. 

In my classes I combine flowing Vinyasa elements with sufficient relaxation and calm. Of course, a portion of humour and lightness is not to be missed! 

The most beautiful thing for me is when the yogis leave my class with a pleasantly relaxed After Yoga Bliss & take it with them into their day.

Wednesdays, 7.15pm Calm Down Flow - IN THE STUDIO

IG: @vanessa.flowtoconnect

Maren Cremer

Yoga / Meditation & Mindfulness

You need our radiant Maren to meet yourself with a smile. Maren guides you through gentle movements and thoughtful meditations.

Hi, I'm Maren - Munich by choice, sun child, music crazy and independent yoga and mindfulness teacher. In my work, my first priority is always to create a safe space for all participants and thus form a value-free ground for their own development, perception and connection. Both asana practice and (mindfulness) meditation are incredibly valuable spiritual practices for me to be able to perceive and experience pure life in all its facets.

Mondays, 6.45 Mindful Morning - ONLINE

IG: @maren_cremer

Simon Park


Simon is just right for you if you want creativity as well as challenging and grounding flows.

I discovered yoga in Southern California as a student at UCLA. I feel I got extremely lucky with the amazing teachers that I found: Shiva Rea, Maty Ezraty, Richard Freeman, Joan White and Dharma Mittra. It is a joy to share this living practice with people from all walks of life.

Tuesdays, 5.30 pm Liquid Flow - ONLINE
Tuesdays, 7.15 pm Liquid Flow - IN THE STUDIO

IG: @liquidflowyoga

Jana Rexha

Vinyasa / Hatha

Jana is just right for you if you want to flow through great flows with probably the most pleasant voice ever.

I enjoy recognizing strengths and potentials in my counterparts and encouraging them to bring them out. I have a degree in fitness economics and am a certified yoga teacher (Hatha and Vinyasa). I have been coaching for five years and have gained particular experience in the area of personal training/target setting. I have also coached small groups on and off. Since May 2019, I have been teaching more fitness classes as well as yoga.

Sundays, 19.00 Calm Down Yoga - ONLINE

IG: @be.jana.rexha

Cora Güntert

Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga

Start the week full of energy with Cora's creative and powerful flows.

Hair up. Yoga on. World off.
For me, yoga is a wonderful attitude towards life that I discover anew time and again. I enjoy flowing through creative powerflows and playfully turning the world upside down. In my yoga classes it is especially important to me to send my students back from the mat into everyday life with a good body feeling and a big smile on their faces.

Mondays, 7.15 h Yoga Morning Flow I - ONLINE

IG: @cora.exploradora

core team

Isabella Winkler

Head of Operations

Samira Ammann

Head of Content & Marketing

Julie Zimmermann


Nina Endesfelder

Support // Contact Yoga Teacher Trainings

Vici Seeliger


Jules Schwender


Laura Beggel

Working Student Content & Marketing

Guest teachers

Wanda's bathwhale

Susan Michel

Gabriela Bozic

Eva Klein

Klara Puski

Marcel Clementi


Annkathrin Dangmann

Yoga teacher (Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga)

IG: @om_one_happening

Julia Kupke

Yoga teacher (Strala / Vinyasa / Yin Yoga)
Meditation teacher

IG: @juliacupke

Vivian Missner

Ballet Barre teacher
Workouts / Bootcamps / Functional Fitness

IG: @sergeant_viv

Julia Baumgartner

Yoga teacher (Vinyasa / Ashtanga / Yin Yoga)

IG: @juliiyoga

Julia Deutlmoser

Yoga teacher (Vinyasa / Hatha)

IG: @yogastubn

Christine Rose

Yoga teacher (Vinyasa / Gentle Vinyasa / Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidra)

IG: @christinerosis4669

Steffi Jebens

Yoga teacher (Ashtanga / Vinyasa Yoga)
body therapeutic yoga
Mindfulness trainer

IG: @dontworrybeyogi

Hélène Todorova

Yoga teacher (Dynamic Vinyasa-Ashtanga Yoga Flow / Hatha and Detox Yoga / Relaxing Fusion Yin Yoga)

IG: @stretching.panda

Ly Nguyen

Yoga teacher (Vinyasa / Ashtanga / Yin Yoga)

IG: @ly.la

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