Welcome to the Kale&Cake Tribe

Kale&Cake is the middle way: be healthy and organized at times, unhealthy and simple at others.

It's about balance in life and that's what we live at K&C Tribe.
BodyMindTherapy does not mean that we want to improve or optimize you. We believe, according to the yoga philosophy, that you are already perfect and we want to support you to feel that again. Reconnect to yourself.

*Live streams and on demand unlimited
**our online offer will continue to exist after reopening

Are you a yoga beginner or would you like to understand the basics better?

Here you can find our Yoga Beginner Course (video series) with Sinah and Sophia.

Or would you like to practice the whole thing on the spot with Raphaela? Then sign up for the Yoga Beginner course at Ya Wali (Kirchenstr. 15, 81675 Munich) from 13.10. - 01.12.2022.

What do you need for your live stream and on demand videos?

1. registration

Register for the course of your choice with the product of your choice.
Please make sure that you have entered the correct email address so that the link can reach you by email.

Our cooperation partners
If you come via ClassPass: Please check in via the ClassPass app.
If you are coming via Urban Sports Club: Please check in via the USC app.
If you are coming via Gympass: Please check in via the Gympass app.
If you are coming via Qualitrain: Please check in via the Qualitrain app.

*The cooperation partners do not have access to the on-demand videos.

2. join the live stream

You will find the link to the Zoom Live Stream in your Eversports profile. Please download the Zoom app so that you can participate.
Approximately 10-15 minutes before the start of the hour, you will also receive an email from Eversports with a link to the Zoom live stream.
Very important:
Please check your spam folder - the mails often end up in spam.

3. enjoy your lesson

That's all you need to do to join a lesson with the Tribe. We always welcome feedback and are happy to help if you have any questions or suggestions. Just contact us by email at info@kaleandcake.de.


Here you come to our Yoga Beginner Course with Sinah and Sophia.

We're so glad you joined us for the live stream, which has sooo many benefits....

... you have a lot of space
... you can change in peace and do not have to cuddle in the cloakroom 😉
... You have your own blanket for your Savasana
... you can just stay lying down after your Savasana
... no loo line and if you need a break, just do it
... no one sees if you fall out of the asana or do a Childs Pose (we all do this)
... you can join in wearing Winnie Pooh pyjamas
... the teacher joins in and finally has some sore muscles and sweats
... you get to see the living room of the other Tribe members
... you do yoga, barre and workout with people from all over the world

Our tips for a wonderful hour with the Kale&Cake Tribe

  • For your Savasana at the end of the yoga class, lay out a cozy blanket, a few soft pillows, socks and everything else you need for your relaxation.
  • Light some candles for a cozy mood
  • Remember to bring a small towel and something to drink for the BalletBarre and Workout classes.
  • Clear away plants and everything else so that you have enough space to move around freely
  • Place the laptop in a slightly elevated position, so that you can see your teachers clearly.
  • Make an appointment with your friends for a lesson together
  • Give everything and listen to your body, everything we say is an invitation
  • Take the opportunity to try new things and to dare - grow beyond yourself!
  • Turn on the playlist and then put your phone aside - enjoy your me-time!

We are so happy about your posts in Instagram @kaleandcake.de and under #kaleandcaketribe and your feedback via mail to info@kaleandcake.de.


I didn't receive an email, what should I do?
You can find the link in your Eversports profile, Qualitrain app, ClassPass app, GymPass app or via email from USC.

You will also receive an email with the link to the Zoom Live Stream about 10-15 minutes before the lesson starts.

Please be sure to check your spam folder and make sure you have the correct email in your booking system. If you have not received anything by 10 minutes before the start of the lesson, please send us an email at info@kaleandcake.de.

Where do I get the playlist?

If you would like to run music, you are welcome to run your teacher's playlist. The playlist for the current lesson is announced in the Zoom chat. For Sinah, it is "Sinah Diepold" on Spotify and, depending on the lesson, e.g. "#StayHome Ballet Barre".

Can my flatmate join in?

Yes, absolutely! You only need to register once per household for regular lessons, so that all housemates, friends, siblings, mums, dads and little ones in your household can join in!

I don't want to turn on my camera, can I still participate?

Of course. It's up to you whether you turn on the camera or not. Our teachers are always happy to see you, but it is absolutely not a must.

Does Zoom cost anything?

No. You don't have to pay anything for Zoom, the basic version is sufficient.

I don't see the teacher at Zoom, what should I do?

To see the teacher "in big" on your screen, go to the teacher's picture, click on the three dots and select "pin picture". Then his/her video is pinned and you can concentrate on it.

Can everyone hear me during class?

No, don't worry - we mute all the mics at the start of the hour.

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