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Let's get it OM! Retreat in Portugal in June 2021 with Cora & Lisa | Kale & Cake

Let's get it OM! Retreat in Portugal in June 2021 with Cora & Lisa

Let's get it OM! In the summer of 2021 we will go to Goodtimes Surfcamp for a week of yoga and surfing. Treat yourself to a little time out at this wonderful place by the sea.

Let's get it OM Yoga Retreat with Lisa and Cora!

In the morning it's hair up, yoga on, world off! We start the day with an activating vinyasa yoga session, beautiful flow sequences and play with new asanas to start the day positively. In the evening we focus on a gentle flow with meditation and relaxing breathing exercises.

Outside the sessions there is the possibility for everyone to take part in a surf taster course. The cooks of the camp will take care of our physical well-being with delicious and healthy food and the option to choose vegetarian or vegan cuisine. So nothing stands in the way of a wonderful week of yoga, surfing, relaxing and recharging by the sea.

During this week you can completely let yourself go, walk on the beach, read in the sun on one of the outdoor beds or take a surfboard into the cold waves.

Yoga Retreat with Cora and Lisa

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12 - 19 June 2021
Good Times Surf Camp (Porto Airport)

The Goodtimes Surf Camp

The surf camp is located directly at the sea and consists of three houses, which we use together. One of these houses is reserved for our Yoga Retreats. The living rooms and gardens are versatile and there are also other sports facilities. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and our cooks offer vegetarian and vegan options upon request. In addition to the yoga retreat, the program of our camp consists of surfing, yoga, excursions and small common events, such as a campfire.

Freedom and lightness come from within. Yet we can support them wonderfully on the outside. To allow mind and body to take a break from everyday life, it can work wonders to "just get out": to a quiet place in nature, far away from everyday life, where you can let your soul dangle and come to yourself. The Goodtimes Surfcamp offers the ideal conditions for this. Sun, sea, beach, yoga and retreats, as well as evenings together around the campfire.

Yoga and surfing have more in common than one might think at first glance. Both are physically and mentally challenging. They require mindfulness, concentration and body control in harmony with the breath or waves. They offer a great opportunity to switch off, to sink completely into the here and now and to concentrate fully on the origin of life: the breath and nature. Yoga also prepares the body well for the surf lesson or helps to promote regeneration afterwards.

About Cora and Lisa

Namaste Witches - Cora and Lisa

What is yoga for you?

Yoga gives us the opportunity to take a moment of time out from everyday life and a moment all to ourselves. Hair up, yoga on, world off is our common slogan. No matter what mood you enter the mat in, you always end the practice feeling good and on a "yoga high". You can find out more about Cora's yoga philosophy here at her label OMlala.

Why did you become yoga teachers?

For Lisa, the aha moment in yoga came when she was living in London, where she discovered yoga for herself five years ago. Here, yoga gave her a moment of peace where she could completely switch off from the hustle and bustle of life in London, felt completely at home and found her center again. This is how yoga became an integral part of her life. She discovered the combination of powerful asanas and mindfulness of her own body here and shares this mixture of powerful flow, flowing ease and mindfulness in her yoga teaching style.

Cora fell in love with yoga right after her first class 10 years ago in Costa Rica. She found it fascinating that a sport can be strenuous and relaxing at the same time - that in yoga you practice strength, balance and flexibility at the same time. Over the years she has tried different teachers and yoga styles, but her heart beats especially for the free, creative Vinyasa Yoga. Here she can be really creative and share her passion with her yoga students in her dynamic flows.


  • Yoga units (5x in the morning and 3x in the afternoon)
  • Meditations in the context of the yoga sessions
  • 7 overnight stays in beautiful, well-kept double rooms. (Single room occupancy available on request at an extra charge).
  • 7x breakfast, 6x lunch, 5x dinner with three courses (adapted to the yoga program)
  • Material: Mats, belts, blocks & blankets are provided.
  • Yoga room with view of the sea in our redesigned yoga house.
  • 1x surf taster course included, further course days can be booked if interested.
  • Use of all offers of our surf camp including a common excursion to the region.
  • Coffee, tea and snacks are available all day
  • Basketball, table tennis, sauna and other sports facilities in the garden


Normal: 799,00 €


Directly over the Goodtimes Surfcamp here.

The registration is already open.

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