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Let's Flow together: online
Connect and move from home and on the go - unlimited with your K&C Tribe.

You can't make it to a live session? No problem, about 15min after the end of the lesson you can find most of them as video in the On Demand Video Library.


Kale&Cake has become my new living room, only virtual. Almost every day I roll out my mat. I move with the great team of trainers, cool music and lots of other people. No matter if yoga or functional training - after the classes a beaming, even if sweaty face is guaranteed. Sinah & Sophia have created a wonderful tribe that welcomes everyone. With Kale&Cake I have found a constant that always brings me back into balance.

At the beginning I couldn't imagine it - online yoga - is that something for me? Can I do it? But already the first lockdown showed me that online yoga at Kale & Cake does not mean anonymity in front of the screen. Sinah, Sophia, Simon and Jana are so authentic. They take you into their world every class - each in their own way. You are never alone - togetherness is always conveyed here. I can only say, especially now in the second lockdown, the hours at Kale & Cake belong to a fixed part in my life. They give me the peace and serenity. On top of that, I also learn a super lot in the process. Because every pose, every thought and background is shared. Thank you to you - you are definitely an asset to my life! 🧡

One click and my "Yoga Bubble" opens, no matter the time, no matter the day, and no matter how crazy the world outside is playing. Sinah and Sophia have created an on-demand sanctuary with their Kale&Cake online studio that allows us all to practice yoga, ballet barre, or functional workouts to custom playlists created for the hours from anywhere. In the live sessions, you can feel the enthusiasm and dedication that the Kale&Cake yogis feel when teaching, almost as if they are standing next to me. Only that I am lying on my own mat, the music is coming out of my speaker and the Tribe is "only" on the screen. The feeling that arises in me remains the same.

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