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Reconnect Yoga & Coaching Retreat September 2022 in Portugal with Sophia - Kale & Cake

Reconnect Yoga & Coaching Retreat September 2022 in Portugal with Sophia

About the Reconnect Yoga & Coaching Retreat in Portugal with Sophia

Look forward to a week of yoga and coaching at the Conscious Farm "Four Trees". Get out of your everyday life and find back into the connection with yourself.

In the past, what we wanted most was security and financial prosperity. Today, our most precious resources are TIME and REST. What better place than a secluded spot in the Portuguese mountains to find just that, surrounded by nature: Peace, time and the connection to ourselves.


This retreat takes you out of your everyday life, away from all the challenges, expectations and habits you encounter every day. Get out to breathe for a moment, to get into the silence, to listen to what your heart is telling you. Here you can strengthen the connection with yourself and feel who you really are and what you want.


Move, breathe, flow, meditate to the sunrise, feel your body, dare playfully to challenging asanas, enjoy, come to yourself, relax and regenerate.


Discover what gives you and takes away your energy, free yourself from negative beliefs, manifest your future, allow yourself to be yourself, listen to your intuition and find confidence in yourself.


Our day will start with a sunrise meditation and tea, followed by a yoga flow to start the day full of energy. In the afternoon we will go deeper into the different topics of yoga and coaching and explore how they can support us in everyday life in the form of workshops or flow sessions.

In order to give you the opportunity to really use this retreat to get to know yourself a bit better, you will receive a worksheet from me to prepare you. This preparation will help you to work on your topics in the afternoon sessions in a more focused and intensive way.



All details about the Reconnect Yoga and Coaching Retreat



11 - 17 September 2022
Four Trees Portugal (Lisbon or Faro Airport)

The Four Trees is the perfect place to pause for a moment, secluded in the middle of the beautiful hills of Portugal. Therefore, we also want to use the time outside the sessions together to playfully bring more awareness into our lives.


  • Conscious consumption (e.g. of media, food, entertainment)
  • Conscious doing nothing (1 hour a day)

Apart from the small awareness exercises we will give you for the day, you can enjoy the wonderful nature and the pool and relax between the sessions and meals.


  • 10x sessions with Sophia in the field of Yoga, Meditation, Coaching (75-120 min)
  • 2x daily extensive meals (based on intermittent fasting)
  • 6x overnight stays in double room, cocoon or glamping tepee


Normal: 890,00 €


  • non-alcoholic on purpose
  • 1 hour of doing nothing a day
  • vegetarian meal



Directly via the Four Trees:

I look forward to seeing you!
Yours Sophia


Comments ( 2)

Katharina Haseneder

Liebes Team, liebe Sophia,

Ich hätte Interesse an dem Tetreat in Portugal und spüre, was für ein bezaubernder Ort es ist! Wie lange sind denn die Anmeldungen offen / wieviele Plätze sind denn noch frei? Und wie ist euer momentaner Plan bezüglich Corona?

Ich freue mich sehr auf eine Antwort!

Ganz liebe Grüße


4 weeks ago

    Hallo Katharina,
    das freut uns sehr, dass du ein solch gutes Gefühl hast. Die Details über Plätze und Anmeldung geht direkt über das Four Trees unter
    Wegen Corona haben die Jungs dazu auch ihre angepassten Regelungen.
    Schönen Tag dir
    Dein K&C Team

    3 weeks ago

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