Rekindle your Wild - The Podcast Article

Rekindle your Wild - The Podcast Article

Rekindle Your Wild! Reclaim your individual power and rid yourself of the veil of societal expectations that have been placed over your uniqueness. Return to your very being by making your needs, values and dreams a priority. To get an overview of Sinah's core message and tips from the Rekindle Your Wild podcast, here's the article on the podcast. This way, you'll have all the inspiration at your fingertips and can always keep it in mind in case you ever lose faith in yourself.


"How can we become rebels and immerse ourselves in this aliveness and freedom?"


Rekindle your WIld - The Podcast Article

"An act of self-love is simply to radically accept myself"



Disclaimer. It is normal that we do not stand in our full power every day. The path to radical self-love is a process, whereby there will also be phases in which it will be less easy for you to accept yourself in your perfection. In these moments you are allowed to get help from the outside. This is even essential! And so podcast and article support you, when at times the strength to draw from yourself might leave you. 


Rekindle your Wild - 6 key messages of the podcast


  1. Radical Self-Love as the Key - "The ultimate act of love is to care for myself so that others MAY benefit."
  2. Createyour values - Your value is not defined by external events, but by your being. Create a shift in your values by recognizing that you are wonderful in your uniqueness. It is the experiences that we are involved in and that happen to us that make us who we are. Use them to recognize yourself instead of attaching your value to possessions and external circumstances.
  3. Allow yourself and others to take up space - "If we as women start taking up more space, dare to be there more, voice our opinions more and demand that too, 'hey' maybe men will be allowed to just let go, relax and not always have to be 'the tough guy'."
  4. Recognize others as allies and not as your opponents - "I wanna rise! I want us all to be on the same level and not by pulling others down, but by lifting others up."
  5. When you free yourself, you free everyone else - "I observe where I feel triggered then ask myself what is it doing to me, bringing it out in me."
  6. Grounding. Connect with yourself and ground yourself to give direction to the fire and transformative energy within you - ground yourself in your yoga practice, through dance parties to your favorite music or long walks in nature. Invite Kali into your life! "Kali drives you to transformation. She knocks our heads off and with it our ego! The ego is active when we are above or below someone (...) and when we identify with what we represent."

Rekindle your Wild - Inspirations that support Sinah on her journey to herself


Rekindle your WIld - The Podcast Article

"Recognize others as allies. We are on the same side!"



  • Sinah's most important tool on her path to radical self-love and to get her unique power to come yoga! - "That sense of me in my uniqueness, because yoga doesn't want to change you. Yoga wants to free you from those veils."
  • "Unlocking Us" - Podcast by Bréne Brown (The episode with Sonya Renee Taylor "The Body is not an Apology" is very powerful and encouraging especially regarding radical self-love).
  • Poems by Rupi Kaur 
  • 'Difficult Women' by Roxane Gay
  • 'Wild Women who run with the Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estés 
  • 'Untamed' by Glennon Doyle 
  • Power Song - "I will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor 


If you feel like listening to the whole podcast again, head over to Sinah's 'Rekindle your Wild' episode here. Or listen to Sinah's podcast episodes "My 5 Steps to Self Love" and "6 Tips to Get into Your Power" to get inspired on your path.

Also, on 3.04. you have the opportunity to flow through a 90 min. powerful yoga flow with Sinah to let your power and uniqueness come to life. You can find more about the class here.



Rekindle your Wild - Book now!



If you would like to find out in advance what Sinah's lessons are like then you can access our timetable here and our video library here.

You also have the opportunity to flow through a 40 min. power flow with Sinah to invite more positive energy into your everyday life.

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