ReLove Yourself Journey with Sinah


It's not about learning to love you, it's about realising again that you are already everything.

That's why I created the Journey for you, consisting of yoga, meditation, breath work, dynamic movement and journaling, to bring you back to yourself step by step.

21 days yoga journey with Sinah Diepold.

Let's ReConnect

Your Sinah

What is the ReLove Yourself Journey?

21 different videos available for 12 months

Can be used anytime and over and over again.
Designed to accompany you for 3 weeks with matching workbook.
21 days yoga journey with Sinah Diepold.

ReLove Workbook

Space for journaling, background information, inspiration for podcasts, books and habits, daily tasks and lots of love and heart from me to you.
The workbook will be sent to you individually by email after purchase. Since it is done by hand, the email will be delayed. You can also start without the workbook.

Info about the course

The ReLove Yourself Journey is meant to accompany and inspire you to get more in touch with yourself and to recognise again what a wonderful person you are. It combines all the tools and practices that I myself have used in recent years - sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously - to make peace with myself. Because I don't want to spend the energy fighting against myself, but fighting for all the beautiful things I want to see in the world. Like a warrior of light, as Paulo Coelho so beautifully calls it.

How do you use the course?

Join me, Sinah Diepold, on a 3-week journey to yourself: with yoga, journaling, reflection and meditation.

The Journey is designed so that you take between 30 and 60 minutes every day for 3 weeks - time for yourself. The 21 videos are between 25 and 45 minutes long and are available to you for 1 year after purchase. You can do the Journey at your own pace and as often as you like in one year, and you can also take as much time as you need.

When you purchase the entire Journey, you will receive an accompanying workbook, which we will send to you afterwards by email. The workbook contains valuable inspiration, a How To, Weekly Exercises, journaling questions and a comprehensive insight into Sinah's personal journey.

What do you need for this course?

  • Notebook (the new yoga studio)
  • Yoga mat (there are tips and codes for conscious consumption in the workbook)
  • Block
  • Belt (a bathrobe belt or scarf will also work for now)
  • Cushion for elevated sitting
  • Pin
  • Workbook, digital or printed (we have kept it colourful so that it can be printed well)

How do I find the course?

Click on "Go to booking" to select the "ReLoveYourself Journey" product and activate one video after the other in your Eversports profile. You will then find these videos stored in your profile under "My Videos" for one year and can use them indefinitely.
It is also described in detail in the workbook.

I am so happy to be able to take you on this very personal journey. Thank you for your trust, thank you for your time and your dedication.

What if it is true that you are already everything and your light just needs more space to radiate outwards?

Your Sinah

If you have any questions, please contact info@kaleandcake.de and we from the K&C team will try to help and support you.

Want to get a taste of the Journey?

Here you can try a video for free and get a feel for the ReLove Yourself Journey. You can also watch the intro video.

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