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Blacksmith Yoga Retreat with Sinah May 2022 - Kale & Cake

Schwarzschmied Yoga Retreat with Sinah May 2022

Thursday, 12 May - Sunday, 15 May at Hotel Schwarzschmied in Lana, South Tyrol

The Schwarzschmied Retreat with Sinah in May 2022, is designed to help you find your centre again, in order to gain more resilience and strength for everyday life. 


Find your centre and learn to trust the intelligence of your body


We tend to swing from one extreme to the other, which costs a lot of energy and is usually very unhealthy. Of course, one is sometimes more type of kale, sometimes more type of cake, but in the end, the path of the middle is the long-lasting healthy measure. Yoga is a wonderful way to find back into this balance. By focusing on your breathing, your movement and the awareness of your own body, you learn to get a clear view of events and to surrender to the flow of things.

In the Schwarzschmied Retreat with Sinah in May 2022 in South Tyrol, you are invited to trust your own intuition again and to rediscover the intelligence of your own body. Through a mix of powerful Vinyasa classes, meditation and quieter yoga sessions, you will get to know yourself better and/or anew in order to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself.


Blacksmith Retreat with Sinah May 2022

Find your balance to gain more resilience in everyday life.


All details about the Schwarzschmied Retreat with Sinah in South Tyrol


Included in the retreat are these inclusions:

  • 3 overnight stays at the Hotel Schwarzschmied
  • Breakfast at "la Fucina"
  • Dinner at "la Fucina" (can be booked at extra cost)
  • Yoga equipment (mat, meditation cushion, yoga blocks) is provided free of charge
  • 3 yoga classes in the evening (90 minutes - first on the day of arrival)
  • 3 yoga classes in the morning (75 minutes - last one on the day of departure)

Booking of the Schwarzschmied Retreat with Sinah in May 2022 in South Tyrol directly through Hotel Schwarzschmied:

  I am looking forward to meeting you, Sinah If you would like to know more about Sinah, you can find out more about her background here. If you are new and would like to get to know Sinah's teaching style or are interested in taking lessons with us, you can find our timetable here.

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