Sun Salutation Made Easy - All you need to know

Sun salutations made easy! What different Surya Namaskar variations there are and what you should pay attention to. Surya Olé!


Everyone loves the sun salutation - it's like a full body airing out and the best start to the day, for in-between or even in the evening to quiet your mind. Quasi a moving meditation. The sun salutation - Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit - is one of the most important warm-up sequences of a yoga class. 'Surya' here stands for 'sun' while 'Namaskar' is the obeisance to it. The exciting thing about this is that Surya not only acts as a solar force, source of life in the sky. She also embodies life force in us, which sits in the abdomen. Through the flowing sun salutation sequences, where the breathing is synchronized with the movement (no problem if this doesn't work for you at the beginning, it's absolutely ok to add in between the breathing! This gets your inner fire going so you are ready for the rest of the practice.

No matter which Surya sequence you choose - a creative one, Surya Step Back, A or B - the Sun Salutation not only makes your body dynamic down to the last cell, but also causes you to come out of your thoughts to connect with the here and now through the breath.


Surya Namaskar Classic


The Classical Surya Namaskar Variation originates from Hatha Yoga. Unlike Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga is static. Asanas are held longer and are not connected to a flow. An asana is always balanced by its 'counter' asana. The sequence asana/ counter-asana is repeated up to three times. The classical Surya Namaskar is used here to dynamically prepare the body for the static postures.


Sun Salutation Made Easy - Surya A and B


In most Vinyasa Flow hours, the Sun Salutation Series A and B are run at the beginning of an hour to prepare the dynamic flows. Here Surya A is practiced before B, as it is a simpler sequence of asanas, introducing fluency into the connection of breath and movement. The Warrior I included in Sun Salutation B is already a more complex asana and requires more preparation, so it makes sense to practice Surya A or Step Back before Sun Salutation B.


Surya Namaskar Step Back


The Surya Step Back series is similar in structure to the classic series. You can practice this sun salutation sequence instead of Surya A before B. It mainly helps to bring length into the hip flexor and to prepare the warrior I from Surya B accordingly.


Surya Namaskar Creative


The creative Surya series, you can use to prepare specific asanas that you want to practice in your class. The peak pose is the asana that is worked towards. If this is mainly related to hip opening, you can include hip opening asanas in the creative series to warm up the hips at the beginning of the class. Creative Surya series differ from a flow in that they link movement to breath - One Breath, One Movement.

Sun Salutation Made Easy - Tips for the downward-looking dog


Attention for beginners, the downward-looking dog can be replaced by a quadruped. It is often underestimated how complex the down-looking dog actually is. Mostly beginners are sent into this asana much too fast, because it is the starting point of many flows and also occurs in the Surya series. However, the down looking dog, if done incorrectly, can lead to shoulder and wrist problems, so it is important that you pay attention to the following:

The important thing with Adho Mukha Svanasana is that you place your hands on the mat about shoulder width. If you don't know what exactly 'shoulder width' means, you can find this out for yourself by stretching your arms forward parallel to the floor with your palms facing up. Concentrate on not raising your shoulders and being upright in your thoracic spine. Also, make sure there is a 90 degree angle between your chest and your upper arms pi times thumb. Then turn your palms down and place your hands on the mat - this should be about shoulder width. Sinah explains this process again in the YouTube video about the sun salutation, which you can find at the beginning of this article.

The video is from the series "Yoga Beginner Course with Sinah and Sophia" and gives an impression of the 12-part online course, where you will learn all about the basics of yoga and how to find a good introduction for yourself.


Yoga beginners course with Sinah and Sophia


Sun Salutation Made Easy - All you need to know

Immerse yourself in a journey to yourself and more ease in everyday life.


With the help of students, Sophia and Sinah explain step by step the structure of different asanas, divided into the different groups of postures: standing postures, prevention. Bending back, twist, etc. Thus, as a newcomer to yoga or deepening the basics, you will gain extensive knowledge and a well-founded practice. The videos can be stopped and repeated at any time. This allows you to access the information again and again. You don't have to understand and implement everything immediately. Repeat it until you feel comfortable in practice.

It is incredibly important, especially as a beginner, to modify postures and take breaks. Only in this way can you react to injuries and pain in order to build a healthy, long-term supportive practice. Some videos are more physical than others. For example "Balance and Core" will definitely make you sweat. If you want to be more relaxed, you will of course also get your money's worth, for example with "Prevention". In this variety you can remain open, so that your body and mind are always confronted with new exciting content. Important! The asanas adapt to your body and not you to the asanas, because every body is different. Accordingly, the postures always look different.


What do you need for this course?


  • A laptop (the new yoga studio)
  • a yoga mat (consume here consciously, because hopefully it should accompany you for a long time)
  • 2 blocks
  • 1 belt (here a bathrobe belt also works at the beginning)
  • A pillow (from the couch works great)

Start your yoga journey with us!


Sun Salutation Made Easy - All you need to know

Become part of our wonderful community, in which we support and grow together.


We are very happy that you are going on the yoga journey and even more happy that you have chosen us. We share from the heart what we love and live ourselves. Find a nice balance between tension and relaxation, somewhere between kale and cake.

The Yoga Beginner Video Course with Sinah and Sophia is bookable and giftable via Eversports. You can also purchase a voucher via our website at: kaleandcake.com/online-studio. The 10 videos can then be used for 12 months. They guide you step by step through detailed descriptions into the world of yoga and introduce you to the different asanas, breathing exercises, meditation and the philosophy behind the physical practice.



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