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Tips for your morning routine - Start with a positive mindset

Tips for your morning routine - Start with a positive mindset

Morning routines are the hit! But unlike the Backstreet Boys who have reached their expiration date at some point - even if the spirits argue about it - the morning routine has come to stay! Because it not only gives you more resilience in a time that is becoming more and more unpredictable, but every day a time slot that is all yours. That's why I've put together a few tips for a better morning routine to start the day with a positive mindset.


I would be lying if I said in the next few lines that I have a morning routine. Unless you count the mandatory coffee. Because it has been with me consistently since I was 17 years old. Shame on me? I work in an area where morning routines are part of the good tone. As a prospective yoga teacher and practicing yogini, you are, so to speak, on the rules of etiquette. But much more important than the theoretical label is the practical effect it has on you! Because morning routines, when integrated into the daily routine, create balance, let you start the day in an orderly fashion and create a feeling of resilience, even if in other areas of the day everything seems to get out of hand. They give you the strength to deal with life's surprises with more composure!

Lay the foundation for the day in the morning. Start the day with a positive mindset.

Start the day with a positive minimum

Sounds great! Then why don't I have one if it could give me exactly what I am, sometimes more or less desperately, looking for - stability? Simple. I am a person who has been thwarted by the desire to sleep longer. In this respect I am more influenced by a short-term feeling of reward than by the prospect of a more harmonious existence. How good it is that the only constant in life is change. Above all, unfavorable qualities are there to be grabbed by the sleepyhead and lovingly replaced with lasting routines. Because what is not yet, can still become. Which is why I would like to invite you with tips for the morning routine to bring a little self-care into the first moments of the day.

I am full of positive energy.

Because you're probably dangling in a vacuum just like me without a guideline, here's a book tip for your morning ritual: The Miracle Morning - The 6 Habits that will transform your life before 8 a.m. by Hal Elrod. In this very easy and energetic book by Hal, you are given 6 activities that can help you to bring more mindfulness and structure into the first moments of your day. Hal definitely makes you want to integrate a morning ritual into your day. The most convincing thing for me: it doesn't matter if your morning routine is one hour or even 10 minutes long. The main thing is that you take the time for yourself and what is good for you to start the day with you and with you. It is also important that you ask yourself before planning your morning routine: Is what I am planning realistic? Nothing kills the mood for the day more than a morning routine that can only fail because you put too much into the 10 minutes and start the day stressed instead of relaxed.

Tips for your morning routine - Start with a positive mindset

Exercise in the morning dispels sorrow and worry. Photo by Susanne Schramke.


Here are 6 tips to get your day off to a good start, individually or in combination they will give you a better morning routine.

  1. Meditation - observe your breath for 5 - 10 minutes. We recommend "Faith's Hymn" by Beautiful Chorus as a soothing accompaniment. Here you can find in Sinah's Yoga Playlist.
  2. Affirmations - phrases like "I am full of positive energy" help Sinah and Sophia start the day. Think about what you need and write it down as an intention for the day.
  3. Visualisation - Imagine with your eyes closed how you successfully master a challenge of the day. You lie on your favourite beach on holiday to relax or you reach a long-awaited destination. Here you can find aninspiration for this by Laura Seiler.
  4. Exercise - Anyone who has ever done sports in the morning knows that you never regret it, even if the motivation is often difficult. Whether yoga, going for a walk or a HIIT workout - the main thing is to get the body going. Click here for the Morning Yoga Flow with Sinah on YouTube or sign up for a morning yoga or workout class with us.
  5. Reading - I don't mean your Instagram Feed, but a book that you enjoy. Even if it is only 1-2 pages.
  6. Journaling - In Anja's article 'How to Journal - Dein Journaling 101′ you will find all tips and tricks how to create a sustainable, individual writing routine.

We are in this together! Feel free to share your tips and experience with your morning routine by tagging @kaleandcake in your Instagram Story or commenting on your experiences in this post. I'm looking forward to this journey with you and your story as you explore your own personal morning routine.



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The photos are all by Susanne Schramke:

Article by Sinah Diepold and Raphaela Baumgartner.

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