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Tips for Sustainable Gift Ideas - Kale & Cake

Tips for sustainable gift ideas

With sustainable gifts you can not only sweeten your family and yourself your Christmas, but also support small businesses and our planet. In this article you will find tips for sustainable gift ideas from various categories. Giving presents is a triple pleasure.


The time of reflection and Christmas stress is approaching and cannot be stopped even by Corona. If there is one thing Corona has managed to do, it is to create space to question outdated structures. To put your own habits to the test. "Santa baby, slip a Rolex under the tree, for me, I've been an awful good girl “

No wonder that it makes you feel uncomfortable when Marylin Monroe sings about the Rolex under the Christmas tree and that she would have been such a good girl after all. First of all, women don't have to be anything but themselves and not even that is a duty, but a free decision. Secondly, instead of supporting companies that promote a system that produces inequalities and treats our livelihoods as a secondary matter, there are now many sustainable companies that take care to leave a green footprint and create a community in which we support each other and not just a small part of society benefits.

Therefore, at the beginning of the Advent season you will receive gift ideas from us which are sustainable and support small local businesses in particular. These companies place special emphasis on sustainably produced products and want to draw attention to topics that produce awareness, so that outdated ideals and behavioural patterns can be questioned and gradually discarded.


Body & Mind - Beneficial substances for the skin

  • Omlala - "Sustainable yoga shirts with cheeky sayings" - Cool yoga tops that are not only for practice but for every situation in life.(
  • WOMOM Shirts - "We Say Adieu to Cliché" - Hesitant Unifrauen products that break down prejudice and convey the message of cohesion.(
  • Boobmade Shirts - "Not Homemade but Boobmade" - Aesthetic, sustainable shirts that draw attention to the differences of the body and plead for more self-love.(
  • K&C Merch Shirts and Hoodies - Cool sustainable shirts and hoodies that convey the tribe idea and thus stand for solidarity and community. (Information about the products on Instagram under Story Highlights. Orders to:


For bookworms big and small who want to be carried off into new worlds


Tips for sustainable gift ideas

Sweeten your Christmas with sustainable gifts not only for you and your family!


Family First - Presents for the little ones

  • Miepie & der Schnuff by Susanne Baumbach - "A sniffy story for young and old. Dive into the world of Miepie and her friends: Magically illustrated and told with love."(

Karma for the kitchen - conjure up delicious food yourself

  • Karma Food Cookbook and Spices - The organic and sustainable restaurants of Karma Food in and around Vienna, with their cookbook and spices, allow you to bring a piece of the warm ambience to your home. For all those who don't want to do without the delicious SoulFood from Karma Food!(

Immaterial Goods - Partnerships and donations


Tips for sustainable gift ideas

They do not always have to be material goods. Help where support is needed.


  • Cool Earth Project - The project has made it its mission to counteract the deforestation of the rainforest. Donate to Cool Earth to help families keep their homes and preserve the natural habitat of thousands of species.(
  • Rainforest Resilience Fund - also the Covid-19 pandemic, has had an impact on households and habitats in the rainforest. Donate to the Rainforest Resilience Fund to provide immediate relief. Help rebuild supply chains, counter rising food prices and prevent the spread of misinformation.(
  • Taking on a partnership for an animal - Help with a sponsorship, with the care of the over 8,000 animals that are taken in the Munich animal shelter every year. Many of these defenceless creatures experience their first positive contact with people at the shelter. Help us to ensure that the caretakers and staff of the Munich animal shelter can continue to look after all their protégés with love. There are similar sponsorships e.g. also over WWF.(
  • Mindful Mission - Give the gift of climate neutrality! A Mindful Mission, is a small company from Vienna, founded by students 6 years ago, which has made it its business to calculate CO2 emissions in order to identify, reduce and neutralize unavoidable CO2 emissions in companies, but also in private households. Give your loved ones carbon neutrality and contribute to a healthier coexistence with our planet(

Ready To Go! - Sustainable bags, cases and co.

  • Majavia - "Sustainable. Minimalistic. " - High quality accessories made of recycled leather. You can have them personalized and with the timeless style make a gift for eternity with a bag, mobile phone case or wallet.(

Aesthetics for the eyes - the gateway to the soul and the heart


Tips for sustainable gift ideas

Support artists* by bringing their wonderful works home. What could be better than an aesthetically designed apartment.


  • Prints by Vicky Lardschneider - Let Vicky's prints transport you into a world of wonders. Through contemplation, learn to appreciate again the special features of your surroundings, the little things.(
  • Support artists* in times of Corona! At Biromiro, you can buy wonderful works of art by various artists from Munich. Whether illustrations or photographs, there is something for everyone! So the one bare wall in your apartment becomes an eye-catcher. Moreover, you can help artists* in times of Corona.(

With sport and fun through the Christmas season and into the new year

Yay, there's NEWS!!!!

Yoga beginners course with Sinah and Sophia. We have thought of something for all yoga beginners: 10 videos usable for 12 months, step by step descriptions into the world of yoga: yoga asana, breathing exercises, meditation and philosophy. Bookable and give away via Eversports. Go to "Vouchers" at Eversports, select 65€ (or any other amount) and a picture of your choice. With the code, the recipient can then unlock the Beginner Yoga Course for 12 months, use it as often as desired and immerse themselves in the world of yoga. The course is online and usable from 24.12.

"Journey to Inversions yoga class with Simon Park. A journey with Simon to inversions like handstand, crow or forearmstand. Suitable for all who want to turn the world upside down and specifically dare to try or deepen their knowledge of the challenging and effective postures. With Warm Up, Cool Down, Pranayama and different Journeys you can put together full 90 minute classes or jump on your hands. To give this Journey as a gift: Go to Eversports, select "Vouchers", choose 65€ (or any other amount) and a picture of your choice. With the code, the recipient can then unlock the yoga course for 12 months, use it as often as desired and immerse themselves in the world of yoga. The course is available from 3 January.

Join the Tribe - we look forward to seeing you

K&C vouchers - make your loved one happy by giving her or him a voucher for one of our online products. So you can enjoy our hours over the holidays and into the new year. Here you can go to "Vouchers" in the timetable on the home page and select the amount you want to spend. With the code you can then book everything as you wish and the amount is simply deducted.

Private Lessons with K&C Teachers - Private lessons are the hit because they allow you to keep a closer eye on your movement patterns and help you to understand individual asanas better so that you can perform them more precisely. Write us an email with your desired teacher. All Corona conform of course! (Information about our teachers at: - appointments can be made at:


Tips for sustainable gift ideas

Support local, sustainable businesses and thus create awareness for the environment.

Love for the skin - soothing, herbal extracts from native wild herbs

  • NKM (Naturkosmetik München) - Give your loved one natural cosmetics that are not only made with love, but also sustainably, without preservatives and with extracts from local wild herbs. Either visit our studio in Munich directly or order via the NKM Online Shop.(

Love goes through the stomach - SNÄCCIDENT DELIVERY

  • Strangers München - for all Munich residents, here you can get the best snacks Ever! Healthy, delicious and prepared with love by the two Strangers women Saia and Caro - neighbours and friends of Kale&Cake. Give pleasure and joy with one of the many treatments from this beautiful café.(

Art for the body - not only the Christmas tree should glitter!

  • Bracelets by Julia Baumgartner - personalized and with heart by our wonderful Tribe Teacher Juli. She teaches Yin Yoga on Sundays at 18.45h as the end of the week. (Information about her Instagram Account @juliiyoga or via email to:
  • Jewellery made of recycled gold from StilNest - Whether earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. All products are made from recycled material and are made to order for you and sent directly from the studio to your home. StilNest has made it its business to bring more transparency to the jewellery industry and not to waste resources. Only what is really desired is made.( With "SINAH10" you even get 10% on your order.
  • Nora from Studio Naiona creates wonderful Mala necklaces, earrings and bracelets to support you with precious stones in your everyday life. In her studio she creates handmade jewellery from precious 14-18 carat goldfilled and 925 sterling silver materials in combination with colourful, multifaceted, genuine semi-precious stones from all over the world. The pieces of jewellery are classically playful, filigree and worked with great attention to detail. You on the photos Sinah wears her mala made of moonstone and agate from Studio Naiona.(

If you are looking for more inspiration, you can also find 30 sustainable gift ideas on Sinah's blog to do something good for your loved one, nature, other living beings and above all for yourself this Christmas.

Photos of: Susanne Schramke(

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