What does Kale&Cake mean - the way of the middle

What does Kale&Cake mean - the way of the middle

Kale&Cake means living a life of mindfulness and balance. This is not about self-optimization, but about finding a loving relationship with yourself, your fellow human beings and nature. We want to help you to live in your uniqueness. Give you the opportunity to develop freely, with all your talents, desires and goals. 


Everybody knows that, from now on you only wanted to eat healthy food, do yoga at least 5 times a week, introduce a morning routine and pack everything into the week without being packed to the brim, which has been on the 'To Do' list for years. And then? Yeah, then comes a day when everything seems to go wrong. The oven vegetables in the evening turn into pizza, the pleasant tea turns into wine and instead of yoga there is a cake in the afternoon. But who said that it only goes completely or not at all? That you can either live healthy or follow your desires; that it has to be tea or wine?

We also think it should work both ways. The important thing is to find the right balance. A balance that allows you to take care of yourself and to treat you and your body with love. But it still allows you to beat the strict now and then; to eat the fries instead of the salad and to sleep longer in the morning instead of practicing another hour of yoga.

BodyMindTherapy - a mindful center for more balance


What does Kale&Cake mean

A life in balance - Kale&Cake, because it's part of it to simply beat about the bush


To help you find that balance for yourself, the mindful center of Kale and Cake, we want to support you. We want to create a space for a conscious life and conscious movement, where you feel comfortable, where we can learn with and from each other. A place that not only exists on the outside, but also grows inside you. This should accompany you on your very own path. That is why we call our studio and our company BodyMindTherapy. Because we are not interested in improving or optimizing you. As you are, you are perfect!

Since we tend to forget in our fast-paced times that everything is actually already within us, we want to help you to recognize exactly that. Because your talents are waiting to be developed. To lead you back freely according to the yoga philosophy, to your perfect being. Our vision is to create satisfaction with our holistic approach of BodyMindTherapy. We want to accompany people to their original balance and equilibrium. Because the moment you realize that it is not the outside that happens to you, you can stop producing suffering by blaming others for your own life. You are creator of your being!

Kale&Cake means mindful relationships with life, with yourself, others and nature


What does Kale&Cake mean

Kale&Cake means community! Because together we have the opportunity to bring about change.


As a guideline for a balanced inner being as well as a loving togetherness are the three most important relationships which we can cultivate in our being for more harmony. The first of these is the connection to ourselves. Second: to others and third: to our origin of nature. It is our mission to practice and experience these three relationships in all their aspects together and to integrate them into our daily lives in the long term. Because by being mindful of ourselves, our fellow human beings and our wonderful basis of life - Mother Earth - we can create balance in and around us. A balance, which in turn leads to more satisfaction. We are happy to welcome you to our Tribe and hope that you will find the resources to lead a harmonious and balanced life in mindfulness.

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You will also find more information about Sinah and Sophia, our founders, and the Kale&Cake team.


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written by Raphaela Baumgartner

The photos are all by Susanne Schramke: https://susanneschramke.com

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