What is the Kale&Cake Tribe?

What is the Kale&Cake Tribe?

The Kale&Cake Tribe is the heart of K&C, because without you Kale&Cake would not be what we are. This community that we have created, we want to celebrate with you. That's why we're inviting you to our monthly Tribe Gathering starting in April, to share, be together and grow. Come as you are!


What is the Kale&Cake Tribe?


What is the Kale&Cake Tribe?

For us, an essential part of Kale&Cake is to be in exchange with you so that we can learn and grow from each other.


The Kale&Cake Tribe is the community around Kale&Cake. Through this we want to create a space in which we support each other, and in which everyone can grow individually and together. The Tribe stands for connection, love, appreciation and support. We meet each other as equals, here everyone can learn from everyone else. We all bring our own experiences into the community, which gives us the opportunity to inspire each other from our individual situations. Kale&Cake Tribe is you regardless of how often you practice with us and attend our classes!


What is our mission?


Our mission is to create a space where you can grow in your individual way and take with you what you need to live a more balanced life. We want to give you the opportunity to (re)discover yourself. We also want to support you to strengthen your connection to yourself and to understand your own needs. Come as you are! Everyone is welcome in our community, the Tribe, where we support each other to find our own way to leave the world a little bit better than we found it.


Come as you are!


What is the Kale&Cake Tribe?

Come as you are! We want to give you a space in which you can be as you are.


We're always talking about our Tribe and the wonderful community we've built through Kale&Cake. However, we feel that between yoga streams, workshops and recordings there is not enough time to actually talk to each other. That's why we want to organize a Gathering every month on Thursdays, starting in April, where we can get together - comfortably virtual - to celebrate this wonderful Tribe together.

We would like to use this monthly meeting with you to live our wonderful Tribe more intensively. It is important for us to get into exchange with you, so that we can be there for each other even better. Because we want to create a togetherness that is fed by appreciation, inspiration and mutual support on your own path.


Tribe Gathering - Let's come together!


What is the Kale&Cake Tribe?

In our Tribe Gatherings we want to facilitate a gathering where we can inspire each other and share experiences.


April is the kick-off for our monthly Tribe Gatherings. These will take place on Thursday after Katha's Mindful Flow. Katha will host the Tribe Gatherings, which will be inspired by a monthly theme. We will start with the theme Community.


Procedure of the Tribe Gatherings


What is the Kale&Cake Tribe?

Let's celebrate our wonderful Tribe together!



  • Opening Circle - with Katha, in which the monthly theme is discussed and the flow of the Gathering is outlined.
  • Theory Input - at each Gathering we want to offer you the possibility to arrive in this Safe Space either with meditation, journaling, free movement or similar.
  • Inspirations - ideas to explore the topic in more depth and questions to think about and share in the round.
  • Guided sharing - Katha will ask questions specific to the topic each time, which you can discuss in break out sessions.
  • Closing Meditation - The Gathering will end with a mediation so that we can soak up the communal energy and let it carry us through the following month.

It is important to us that we recognize each other in our commonality - the connectedness. In doing so, we want to celebrate through the Gatherings, the community that makes Kale&Cake what it is.


The first Tribe Gathering will be held on Thursday, April 15 from 20.15 - 21.15h .

Tribe Gatherings are included in our 30, 90 Day Pass and 6 Month Journey .

Otherwise you have the possibility to participate with a single ticket for 7€ .

We look forward to seeing you!


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If you would like to learn more about our Tribe Gathering host Katha, you can find an exciting interview with her here, in which you can learn more about Katha's path to yoga as well as coaching.

Or you can check out their website, which you can get to here.

You will also find an article about Kale&Cake, the basic ideas - the mission and vision - which we want to bring into the world.

You also have the opportunity to learn more about Kale&Cake and the path of the middle on our Youtube channel.

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