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Detox your Body and Mind Workshop with Katharina Holl | Kale & Cake

Detox your Body and Mind Workshop with Katharina Holl

Detox your Body and Mind Workshop with Katharina Holl

The Detox your Body and Mind Workshop with Katharina Holl, is a yoga and coaching workshop in which you can free yourself from old burdens on a physical and mental level. Perfect to start the spring fresh and full of energy. 


What thoughts and beliefs do you tell yourself every day? And what do you want to say goodbye to this spring?

May is the perfect time to rid yourself of toxins in your physical and mental body and start a spring clean inside.
Katha will facilitate a holistic cleanse through a combination of yoga, coaching methods, breathwork, meditation and journaling. The goal is to enable a renewal of your body and your thoughts.


Detox your Body and Mind - Free your body and your psyche from old burdens


Detox your Body and Mind Workshop with Katharina Holl

Free your body and mind from the toxins that weigh you down. Wring yourself out for once!


The detox of your physical body is brought about through a flowing, sweaty vinyasa class to electronic music. This is followed by the activation of your energy body through Breathwork techniques that stimulate your metabolic functions and bring you to a higher energetic level.

Katha shares her knowledge of psychology and systemic coaching with you. She helps you to start detoxing your thoughts with journaling and guided meditation.
Because your personal quality of life depends strongly on our thoughts. With every negative thought you give away a piece of your own potential and energy, which is only available to you in a limited way. It's your choice where you direct it. So let's take a look together at what you say to yourself every day and how you perceive your environment and yourself.

The workshop is suitable for all levels.


Yoga& Coaching Workshop with Katharina Holl


Detox your Body and Mind Workshop with Katharina Holl

Katha helps you break old thought patterns to invite more energy and contentment into your everyday life.



I am Katharina, life artist with sun in my heart and always looking for the next adventure.

My classes consist of challenging and often sweaty flow sequences, followed by grounding and stretching asanas. However, the spiritual aspect must never be neglected, which is why pranayama exercises and meditation are an integral part of my classes. It is important to me to offer you a space in which you can get to know yourself better and find your own dance in harmony with your breath and every single movement without fixed rules.
Besides my knowledge of yoga, I share my knowledge as a systemic coach and business psychologist to offer you a holistic approach.

If you'd like to learn even more about Katha, you can find the interview 'The Basics of Mindfulness' with Katha here, where she talks about her path to yoga and coaching.

Or you can check out her Mindful Flow every Thursday, at 7pm Live, as well as On Demand in the video library.

Also check out Katharina's website to learn more about her work as a yoga teacher and systematic coach.


Detox your Body and Mind Agenda

10:00: Opening Circle
10:15- 10:45 Inspiration Talk
11:00 Breathwork
11:15-12:15 Sweaty Detox Flow
12:30 Guided Meditation & Journaling
13:00 Closing Circle

Time&Location Saturday, 08 May 2021 10.00 - 13.00 (3h) Online via Zoom

Price 39,00€ For the workshop and 7 days after the end of the workshop access to the recording.


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