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Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness with Julia Kupke

Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness with Julia Kupke

Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness with Julia Kupke

The workshop Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness with Julia Kupke is for you if you want to dive deeper into the Yin Yoga practice and its possibility for an honest and gentle form of inner experience. A practice that becomes relevant to us off the mat is a practice for life.


Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness with Julia Kupke


At the heart of yin yoga practice, it is not about pre-set structures, dogmas or even poses. It is about the experience we have during this practice. We are allowed to let the urge for activity, control, evaluation and result orientation, which is often prevalent in our society, take a back seat and open ourselves to the process of inner dialogue. In doing so, we practise being truly present in our practice and thus in our lives and being able to peacefully perceive what has meaning and touches our heart in this moment.


What will you learn in the workshop Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness?

The workshop gives an insight into the philosophical background of Yin practice and the Yin qualities practised. Through the willingness to open up and listen, we can see and understand ourselves better and create a safe space in which we can meet ourselves courageously and honestly. On this basis we look at how we can let go of our habitual judgements and stories. In doing so, the attention we give to body, mind and heart becomes clearer and more unbiased.


Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness with Julia Kupke

Dive into your inner depth and wisdom


What topics will be covered in the workshop?


- Philosophical Foundations of Yin Yoga
- Deep listening as a practice
- Connection between body sensations, emotions and thoughts
- Living Yin qualities
- Creating one's own safe space
- Refinement and individual orientation of one's own practice


What is Yin Yoga?


In the yin yoga practice we stay for a while in physical postures on the floor, in this space of stillness and non-doing. In doing so, we practise listening to the messages of our body. This is because Yin Yoga is an outwardly quiet practice that allows the body work to flow together with the inner work. A meditation with the body that cultivates calmness, patience, acceptance and not least humour in us.


How is the workshop Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness with Julia Kupke designed?


In this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles of Yin Yoga practice and philosophy. This happens through a triad of experience, reflection and impulses. The combination of professional background knowledge, the experience of the practice through sequences and exercises and the exchange in the group will allow you to look deeper into the practice.

You will find out for yourself how to cultivate a deep and at the same time peaceful and loving relationship with yourself and how your body can become your dialogue partner. You will gain more awareness of how you look at yourself and create a space for more ease, gentleness and openness - on and off the mat. In various exercises you will have the opportunity to further explore your practice with individuality. Time for questions and suggestions will also allow us to learn from each other in the workshop.


Who is the workshop aimed at?


No yoga or meditation experience is required for the workshop. Everyone uses what they bring with them and starts from where they are. If you are already practising Yin Yoga, you will find in this workshop impulses to look at the intention of your practice and to further refine the qualities you practise. In doing so, you can gently expand your self-awareness.

Those who have not yet practised Yin Yoga will find a sound introduction to the practice here. Above all, the focus on the relationship to our inner self is elaborated. For yoga teachers, the workshop can be an exciting enrichment for their own practice, the teaching of Yin Yoga and the role as a teacher.


What should you bring with you?


Joy, openness and courage to get to know yourself.
Comfortable and warm clothes in which you can move well. Your notebook for your own reflection and exercises is also welcome. Sufficient water, preferably in your own bottle.


About Julia Kupke


On the path to more clarity, freedom and peace within her own personality, a topic of the heart became a professional life path. Julia works as a teacher for mindfulness, yoga (Strala and Yin) and meditation and as a facilitator for personal change and growth processes. The combination of her broad education and training background and her own personal change processes stand out in Julia's work in a pragmatic and authentic way, in which she builds bridges between head and heart as well as theory and practice.
She works internationally with groups in workshops, trainings and retreats on the topics of Strala and Yin Yoga as well as inner work to give people opportunities to get to know themselves better. She creates spaces and journeys in which people connect with themselves and find individual answers to what is meaningful to them in their lives.


Yin Yoga - a path of gentle self-awareness with Julia Kupke


Julia draws on over 10 years of practice and experience


Julia draws on over 10 years of various training and further education in mindfulness, inner work, yoga and meditation, which she completed internationally at various schools. She has been able to illuminate the topics of transformation and leadership both theoretically and in practice through various projects from different perspectives and integrate them into her work. She accompanies the Jamtse School of Yin Yoga of her teacher Biff Mithoefer in the training modules and is in close, collaborative exchange with her teachers Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor (Strala Yoga). In order to intensify and shape her meditation and mindfulness practice, she has visited and learned from various internationally oriented spiritual teachers and finds a lot of support especially in Buddhist teachings.


Saturday, 9.10., 10.30h-13.00h

Online via Zoom 39 euros incl. recording for 7 days

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You can find more information about Julia and her work here.

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