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Yoga beginners course with Sinah and Sophia

Yoga is all the rage, it's effective and seems to solve pretty much all problems, but how do you get started? Or you've been to yoga classes and exactly how that dog walks and where it looks is not so obvious to you?

That's why we have created a Yoga Beginner course for you, to immerse you step by step in the world of yoga.

Advantages of the Beginner Course

12 different videos usable for 12 months

Usable at any time and over and over again .

Step by step descriptions for the following topics

Yoga / Asana / Breathing Exercises / Meditation / Philosophy with Sinah Diepold & Sophia Thora

Info about the course

Based on students, Sophia and Sinah explain piece by piece the structure of different asanas divided into the different groups of postures: standing postures, forward bends, backbends, twists. Thus you get a comprehensive knowledge and practice as a new start in yoga or deepening the basics. 

How do you use the course

The videos can be stopped at any time, repeated, and are so packed with information that not everything can be understood or implemented immediately. It's incredibly important, especially as a beginner, to modify postures, take breaks or respond to injuries/pain, and be mindful of a healthy and supportive practice for the long term.
Some videos are very physically demanding such as "Balance and Core" or more relaxing such as "Bending Forward". Keep an open mind that your body and mind are always different and so your practice will change too.
Please adapt the asanas to your body and not you to the asanas, because every body is different, so also the postures always look different.

What do you need for this course

  • A laptop (the new yoga studio)
  • a yoga mat (consume here consciously, because hopefully it should accompany you for a long time)
  • 2 blocks
  • 1 belt (a bathrobe belt or T-shirt will work for now)
  • A cushion to sit elevated

How do I find the course?

You can choose the product "Online Beginner Course" and unlock one video after the other in your Eversports profile . You will then find these in your profile under "My videos" for a year and can use them indefinitely.

Any questions...

...feel free to email us at and we will try to give you feedback or guidance as soon as possible. All announcements are an invitation, in the end you are the master of your body and mind.

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We are so happy that you are embarking on the yoga journey and even more so that you have chosen us. We share from the heart what we love and live ourselves. Find a nice middle ground between tension and relaxation, somewhere between kale and cake.

If you have any questions, please email us at and we will try to give you feedback or assistance as soon as possible. All announcements are an invitation, at the end you are the master of your body and mind.

Here's how to find us on YouTube:

In our K&C magazine you will find detailed background information like here everything about the sun salutation.
Here you can find a first video about the sun salutation

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