with Susan Michel and Juan Diaz


Oedmühle, Kasten 31, A-4893 Zell am Moos

20. - 26. July 2020

Teaching language: English


Dive deep in this 75 hour Yoga Therapy Immersion with Juan Diaz and Susan Michel. 

Find a cohesive understanding of how to protect your joints through proper alignment, knowledge of anatomy and adaptation of asana when inhibitions or lesions present themselves. 

Join two experienced teachers with a backround in restorative Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Advanced Rolfing and Alternative Healthcare for a weeks exploration in bodyreading and classes that emphasize the healing aspects of yoga on a physical and mental level. 

The self-empowering practices of meditation, yoga nidra and asana will be complemented by  a deeper understanding of a holistic view of anatomy, expanding on the traditional view of biomechanics through looking at the interconnectedness of a all our physical systems and the human psyche. 

Focusing on the developmental aspects of yoga practice through exploring our inner and outer landscape will reconnect you to your inner nature while providing an embodied experience of yoga therapy that will give your practice a clearer foundation, as a teacher and/or student of yoga. 

Topics we will cover:

*Recognizing physical imbalances and adapting asana appropriately

*Introduction to working with the Nervous System, Fascia and proper joint health

*Related sequences and adaptations to yoga poses

*Dealing with stress on a mental and physcial level through restorative/therapeutic asana, meditation and yoga nidra

*Injury prevention and recovery

*Working with qualities of touch, proper boundaries and philosophical aspects of yoga practice 


About Susan

Susan Michel is a Certified Advanced Rolfer, a manual therapy focused on reorganization of the physical structure through fascial work.

Additionally she is a well trained yoga teacher with nearly 20 years of personal practice experience and extensive training in yoga therapy and asana. Her main teachers are Richard Freeman and Simon Park. She runs a private practice for Rolfing and Yoga near Munich, Germany and teaches Anatomy and Yoga Therapeutics for Simon Parks 200 and 300 hour Teacher Trainings as well as in other programs around Europe.



About Juan

Since an early age, Juan Diaz has had a deep curiosity for ancient techniques that help to gain a deeper understanding of existence and the self. He found yoga and felt the depth of this path, realising that through movement (asana), breath awareness (pranayama) and meditation, he would be guided further into this exploration of the self and reality. He has been practicing  and studying for more than 10 years by the guidance of great masters and teachers from this times. Such as Maty Ezraty, senior Iyengar  teachers like Arunji , Mataji, Monica Harr ,  Carrie Owerko and the Iyengar family at the Iyengar Yoga institut in Pune.Recently Juan was blessed to connected with Simon Park and has been his assistant in his teacher trainings and workshops around the globe. He is constantly developing his intuitive, fun and strong self-practices. Juan weaves in his teachings, ancient and modern philosophy to create a space of connections within the body, mind and soul.


Juan’s style of teaching is dynamic, challenging and fun. He emphasises proper alignment by guiding you to a safe space for your body to express its own unique way of embodying the posture (asana). You will be flowing through postures, integrating your breath with movement and helping the mind to reach stillness, so you can go deeper into the practice. Juan ends his classes through a guided meditation and relaxation, accompanied by the sound of his flutes or voice, making the class a holistic experience for your entire being.


The setting for this training is a lovely old mill situated in an alpine lake region about 25 km from the city of Salzburg in Austria. The group size is limited to 20 participants. 

There is a train station in the nearby village Oberhofen-Zell am Moos from which pick-up can be arranged. There are some simple rooms available for double or tripple occupancy in the house, please book directly through their website at www.millretreats.at . 

For students who prefer more privacy there is a list of accomodations within walking distance listed on their website. Because this is a popular tourist destination at this time of the year it is advisable to book rooms as soon as possible. 

A full mealplan will be offered with beautifully prepared sattvic food by ayurvedic chef Daniela Wolff (www.danielawolff.com), who is a teacher of ayurvedic cooking as well as a nutritional consultant. Costs for all meals will be €45 per person/per day.


890 € Early Bird (until 20. March 2020) 

975 € Regular

(meals and accommodation are not included)

Payment: Please transfer a deposit of 350 € to our bank account DE26 7025 0150 0029 0301 29, to save your spot. The rest of the fee should be paid 2 month before the start of the immersion.

Booking via email to info@kaleandcake.de 

Spot is saved after paid deposit.


Cancellation until 2 month prior to beginning of training.

Deposit non refundable.

Your Kale&Cake Team